Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Field Trip Ethiopia 2007

On the 3rd of November I will be going to Ethiopia to search for a good Direct Trade partner for us.

Ethiopia is high on our list of origins. Coffee from Ethiopia is very intriguing since the quality is extremely broad. Both the very different flavours of forinstance Harar vs. Yirgachefe and the difference in quality within coffee from each of these regions exemplifies a huge quality spectrum not to compare with any other country. Ethiopia also have an exceptional history as birthplace of both coffee and of mankind. Finding the jewels of Ethiopia is therefore a very challanging quest for every specialty coffee roaster.

I will be searching for farmers/millers who can supply us directly with both natural and washed coffee of the highest quality.

Since the harvest is just starting in Ethiopia these days my focus will be on visiting and talking about which qualities we could get prepared through this coming harvest.

I will try to post from the trip along the way.

Can't wait to meet the wonderful people of Ethiopia again!


Anonymous said...

Have a nice trip Peter! I´m really looking forward to explore the coffee later on.

Peter Dupont said...

thanks Dan! I will do my best to try to find some coffees that might interest you!