Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What is TheCoffeeCollective ?

Behind every cup of really good coffee there is a chain of dedicated people - the farmer, the roast master and the barista. TheCoffeeCollective is formed by four people from the specialty coffee community - all with a background in the craftsmanship of the barista. The four founders are Peter Dupont, Linus Törsäter, Casper Engel and Klaus Thomsen.

The objective of TheCoffeeCollective is to create a platform where we can meet people from all three links in the chain. Together we want to explore possibilities of creating extraordinary coffee sensations. TheCoffeeCollective offers consultancy services including barista training and delivers freshly roasted specialty coffee to coffee shops and cafés from our own roastery.

This blog is a way for us to really start where we think it is important - in dialog with other people interested in or working with coffee.



Anonymous said...

Best Of luck to your new project.

Fede Cabrera said...

I only found out a week ago, all the training and preparation required to make a "decent presentation" at the WBC.
I`m planning to be better trained/prepared for next year (if I win my national competition first, obviously). Consequently, I would like to know how you will handle the barista trainings.

Best regards,

Federico J. Cabrera
Competitor for Argentina,
WBC 2007, Tokio (Japan).-

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wishes.
Stay tuned for more information about barista training. Our website will be up and running before long, which will explain much more about the whole project.